TechTool Pro 9.6.3 Build 3928 macOS [SadeemPC]

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TechTool Pro 9.6.3 Build 3928 macOS [SadeemPC]
TechTool Pro 9.6.3 Build 3928   175.5 MB

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TechTool Pro 9.6.3 Build 3928 macOS

TechTool Pro has long been one of the foremost utilities for keeping your Mac running smoothly and efficiently. With the release of version 9, it has become more proficient than ever. Techtool Pro 9 is compatible with all current Macintosh models and system versions.

TechTool Protection - Reengineered to better protect your Mac

TechTool Pro 9 includes the option of installing a system preference pane to keep watch over your Mac. New features include check for I/O errors, Power On Self-Test errors, Mac notebook internal battery condition, and RAID status (if applicable). It also includes the same improvements to the SMART check in TechTool Pro. All of that, wrapped in an entirely new interface.

Check Computer - Now you're in control

Check Computer is a handy way to tell TechTool Pro to run the entire suite of tests to give you the best possible snapshot of your Mac's health. Sometimes, though, it's nice to be able to leave tests out, or to skip certain drives. Using the new configuration panel, you have total control of the Check Computer suite. Power to the people.

Partition Map - new drive test

TechTool Pro has long been known for testing your Mac's file system. It is important also to test the data structures that contain the Mac's file system: the Partition Map. The new Partition Map test checks the partition map of a given drive for errors. Partition map errors can cause entire volumes to go missing, or prevent a Mac from booting. If errors are found, they can be repaired usin the Partition Repair tool.

Partition Repair - new drive repair tool

Along with Volume Rebuild, which repairs Mac file systems, the Partition Repair tool repairs the remaining portions of the drive which keeps track of the volumes on your hard drive. This includes hidden partitions which keep track of your Mac's startup process. The Partition Repair tool does just what it says, repairing the partition maps or drives where needed.

New In TechTool Pro 9:
- New Partition Map test

- Check Computer - Now you're in control

- TechTool Protection - Now Reengineered

- SMART Check - Now even smarter

- New Processor Benchmarks

- Memory Test - test more memory

- New Bluetooth adapter test

- New Network Interfaces test

- New Partition Repair tool


• Fixed reported Volume Cloning and Wipe Data application crash.

• Fixed volume list scroll view issue for the TechTool Protection system preference.

• Fixed font size issue when the default system font is greater than 13 point.

• Improvements to the application and TechTool Protection system preference for SoftRAID volumes.

• Added Extended Health assessment to the SMART Check attribute table.

• Updated Fans Test test to resolve a blank TechTool Pro main window at launch.

• Updated Volume Rebuild tool for APFS and HFS volumes with FileVault enabled.

• Updated eDrive to include user installed NVIDIA video card drivers during the creation routine.

• Updated advice text for Partition Map, Volume Structures, and Partition Repair.

• Updated System Maintenance to resolve an incomplete run of the tool.

• Updated manufacturer database file for the Local Network tool.

• Updated TechTool Pro 9 PDF manual.

• Updated Sparkle to version 1.19.0.

• Updated French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified) localization.

• Updated Macintosh identification strings for Check Computer.

• Other minor enhancements and improvements.

System Requirements:
- Intel-based Macs

- macOS 10.8 or greater

- 1 GB RAM or higher

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