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Party Panic v1.2


Posted on December 7, 2017 in Games » Pc Games

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Quote:Title: Party Panic

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie

Developer: Everglow Interactive Inc.

Publisher: Everglow Interactive Inc.

Release Date: Aug 7, 2017

About This Game
Party Panic is a crazy online and local-multiplayer party game. Compete against your friends in 30+ rapid fire minigames, race through the brutal Gauntlet, or complete the trophy challenges on Trophy Island. There is even a built in drinking game! You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's stupid. Grab your friends, pick your characters and get partying in this exciting and panic filled game! Are you ready to punch your friends in the face? Are you ready to chase exploding chickens? Are you ready to run away from stupid (and hungry) whales? Are you ready to play football with your face? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be ready for the stupidest party game ever!Online & Local MultiplayerGrab your friends for a night of couch gaming, or play against them online! Have one friend that can't make it to your game night? No worries, you can play with 3 local players and 1 online player!30+ crazy minigames!Over 30 unique minigames! Run, jump, and punch your way to first place! Fight over gems, chase exploding chickens, play football with your face! More minigames coming in future updates!The Gauntlet Race your friends through the deadly and brutal obstacle course that is the Gauntlet. Can you be the first to make it through the giant swinging axes, spike traps and more?Bots Party Panic is a hoot when playing with your friends on the couch or online, but sometimes this isn't an option. Bots are available to play against, to guarantee it's always a party, even when your friends are not around! Bots have three difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Or turn them off completely! Silly hats! Everyone knows all great games let you wear hats. Silly hats only. Wear a pot on your head, strap a rocket to your back, or a wear a hot dog costume. Or just stick your head in a piece of bread. Whatever works. ( )Leveling SystemEvery time you play you'll get XP used to unlock loot boxes. Each loot box contains TWO costumes you do not yet own, of which you can choose one to keep! Can you unlock them all?Lovable (but slightly deranged) characters In Party Panic you play as a Goober. You're a goofy goober. I'm a goofy goober. We're all goofy goobers. They're a little bit crazy though (probably from all the blunt force trauma to the head.) They like to scream randomly. Like a lot.Built-in drinking game! Enable it while configuring your game, the party into a party. Or don't, I'm not the boss of you!Original (awesome) soundtrack Party Panic sounds like a party. Literally. Can I play the game alone?Yes. The game can be played with one player against bots, although the more human players you have the more fun the game is! All the party minigames are built around 4 players so it is recommended to leave bots enabled, however you don't have to - the bots can be disabled and the game can be played with 2-4 players. Is there online multiplayer?Yes! (As of October 14th, 2016)More info about this here: it work with Steam Link, & In-home streaming?Yes. Some users have reported getting a black screen on startup, see how to fix this here: I have to use a controller?No, you don't have to, Party Panic can be played completely with a keyboard and mouse now! If you want to use a controller, any usb or wireless controller+receiver should work. You can customize your controls to find something that works best for you if you don't like the default keyboard configuration via the options menu. What languages?Party Panic has support for English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Turkish, and Russian. If you want to see a specific language leave a message on the forums!

System Requirements
Minimum:OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10Memory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: Dedicated GPU RecommendedStorage: 500 MB available spaceAdditional Notes: OpenGL 3.2+


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