Nancy Griffiths-Storms/The Last of the True Believers (soft folk)

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Nancy Griffiths-Storms; The Last of the True Believers
01 I Don't Wanna Talk About Love.flac   23.8 MB
02 Drive-In Movies and Dashboard Lights.flac   20.27 MB
03 You Made This Love a Teardrop.flac   20.15 MB
04 Brave Companion of the Road.flac   18.98 MB
05 Storms.flac   19.85 MB
06 It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go.flac   23.02 MB
07 If Wishes Were Changes.flac   22.97 MB
08 Listen to the Radio.flac   24.92 MB
09 Leaving the Harbor.flac   19.99 MB
10 Radio Fragile.flac   31.44 MB
Back.JPG   5.49 MB
Front.JPG   1.21 MB
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Inner 4.JPG   4.62 MB
Nanci Griffith - Storms.jpg   1.21 MB
Nanci Griffith - Storms.log   12.22 KB
01 The Last of the True Believers.flac   16.22 MB
02 Love at the Five & Dime.flac   24.76 MB
03 St. Olav's Gate.flac   17.79 MB
04 More than a Whisper.flac   20.96 MB
05 Banks of the Pontchartrain.flac   22.26 MB
06 Lookin' for the Time (Workin' Girl).flac   17.81 MB
07 Goin' Gone.flac   24 MB
08 One of These Days.flac   16.82 MB
09 Love's Found a Shoulder.flac   14.22 MB
10 Fly by Night.flac   16.44 MB
11 The Wing & the Wheel.flac   12.98 MB
Back.JPG   756.83 KB
Front.JPG   686.79 KB
Inner 1.JPG   1.28 MB
Inner 2.JPG   971.93 KB
Nanci Griffith - The Last of the True Believers.jpg   686.79 KB
Nanci Griffith - The Last of the True Believers.log   13.02 KB

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Quote:Nanci Griffith scored a major crossover hit with Storms (1989). After four long-players for the primarily country-intensive MCA Nashville, she switched to their pop division thanks in part to the overwhelming critical and popular acclaim she had gained from her previous studio effort, Little Love Affairs (1998). Many purists were critical, but along with legendary producer Glyn Johns Griffith unfurled some of her finest musical stories to date. Joining her backing band, the Blue Moon Orchestra, are the intriguing aggregate of Bernie Leadon (guitars/mando-cello/vocals), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Phil Everly (vocals), and Albert Lee (vocals). Once again, Griffith's crystalline-toned resonance weaves almost hypnotically through her realistic and acoustic-based neo-folk Americana. Lyrically, her poignant poetry reveals characters that seem wrought with equal measures of vulnerability and fortitude -- such as "sister" in "Drive-In Movies and Dashboard Lights" or the semi-autobiographical narrative "backseat driver from America" on the international breakthrough "It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go." Former Amazing Rhythm Ace and Blue Moon Orchestra co-founder James Hooker (keyboards/vocals) co-wrote several tunes with Griffith, including "Radio Fragile" -- their upbeat tribute to Phil Ochs. Among the other sides to have gained significant favor as live performance staples are the infectiously melodic "Listen to the Radio" and the more pensive "Brave Companion of the Road." Not to be missed is another Hooker/Griffith collaboration on the stone gem "You Made This Love a Teardrop" -- with the aforementioned Everly on co-lead vocals. While curious enthusiasts have speculated that Storms was a commentary on the artist's concurrent life off-stage, it poised her for the even more pop-oriented follow-up, Late Night Grande Hotel (1991).(AllMusic Review)
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