Fred Neil-The Many Sides Of (bluesy folk singer/songwriter) EAC FLAC

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Fred Neil-The Many Sides Of
01 The Dolphins.flac   19.97 MB
02 I've Got a Secret (Didn't We Shake Sugaree).flac   22.59 MB
03 Thats the Bag I'm In.flac   18.07 MB
04 Ba-De-Da.flac   18.85 MB
05 Faretheewell (Fred's Tune).flac   16.01 MB
06 Everybody's Talkin'.flac   12.34 MB
07 Everything Happens.flac   10.91 MB
08 Sweet Cocaine.flac   10.66 MB
09 Green Rocky Road.flac   18.13 MB
10 Cynicrustpetefredjohn Raga.flac   43.21 MB
11 Felicity.flac   9.03 MB
12 Please Send Me Someone to Love.flac   13.53 MB
13 Merry Go Round.flac   24.44 MB
14 Look Over Yonder.flac   32.07 MB
15 Fools Are a Long Time Comin'.flac   26.29 MB
16 Looks Like Rain.flac   34.28 MB
17 Roll On Rosie.flac   42.31 MB
Fred Neil - The Many Sides of Fred Neil.jpg   761.34 KB
Fred Neil - The Many Sides of Fred Neil.log   17.56 KB
01 The Other Side of This Life (live).flac   16.75 MB
02 Roll on Rosie (live).flac   21.9 MB
03 The Dolphins (live).flac   23.64 MB
04 That's the Bag I'm In (live).flac   18.42 MB
05 Sweet Cocaine (live).flac   16.02 MB
06 Everybody's Talkin' (live).flac   16.79 MB
07 Come Back Baby (feat. Les McCann).flac   11.7 MB
08 Ba-De-Da (feat. Vince Martin).flac   15.47 MB
09 Prettiest Train.flac   20.96 MB
10 You Don't Miss Your Water (feat. Gram Parsons).flac   12.17 MB
11 Felicity.flac   7.18 MB
12 Long Black Veil (feat. The Nashville Street Singers).flac   14.6 MB
13 Bottom of the Glass (feat. The Nashville Street Singers).flac   16.74 MB
14 Sweet Mama.flac   23.36 MB
15 Trouble in Mind.flac   21.5 MB
16 December's Dream.flac   16.49 MB
17 Ride Stormy Weather.flac   29.86 MB
18 How Long Blues,Drown in Tears.flac   44.35 MB
19 The Other Side of this Life.flac   23.73 MB
Fred Neil - The Many Sides of Fred Neil.jpg   761.34 KB
Fred Neil - The Many Sides of Fred Neil.log   19.52 KB
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Note...I have also uploaded a very high quality vinyl rip of 'Sessions' found elsewhere on this site-for true believers and audiophiles!

Quote:Amazing voice! Like so many others, I discovered Fred Neil while watching the Sopranos season six, episode The Ride. The most amazing voice I've ever heard came jumping out of the scene at me, I had to back up the DVD and listen again-then my research into this fascinating life began! This man was so influential, he inspired Bob Dylan, he taught David Crosby everything he know about music (his words), and my favorite band, the Band, wrote their title song Stage Fright about this man (he was their neighbor for a time, living across from Big Pink in Woodstock), which explains why the best voice ever, who wrote one of the most successful songs in history - Everybody's Talking, among many others - and who sang it as well as it could possibly be sung, was so unknown. He performed with everyone, many songs have been written about him, and he lived an incredibly interesting life, but there is no biography on him, which is a real shame. He had a tragedy happen in his life, retired to his native FL and became a recluse who lived off of his royalties and quietly worked with Ric O'Barry saving dolphins, hence the first beautiful track on this flawless album, The Dolphins. This is a beautiful album.

Before Bob Dylan became the poster boy for the 60's Folk Revival, the undisputed king of the Greenwich Village scene was the late Fred Neil. Its said a worshipful Dylan used to carry his guitar & Neil occasionally let the newcomer from Minnesoata sit in on harmonica.

But Neil proved reluctant to embrace the fame Dylan so wryly made a side-show of. He hated performing live & at the time of Harry Nilsson's hit with, "Everybody's Talkin'" the song's author turned his back on it all & headed South to Florida. where he remained in obscurity till his death in 2002. He reportedly last performed sometime in the 70's.

Along with the classic, BLEECKER & MACDOUGAL, this collection is all you need. The first thing that will strike you is that voice. Johnny Cash laced with Sinatra. A deep, gravelly baritone. Able to plumb the darkest depths or fleetingly rise above it all. His 12-string playing is just as formidable. A sort of Folk, Jazz infused Raga as evidenced on "Cynicrustpetefredjohn".

Though "Everybody's Talkin'" was a major hit, Neil's "Dolphins" remains the most covered. The best known being those by Beth Orton & Jeff Buckley. As for Neil's original, it has a haunting, dream-like quality. As if he were difting in eye of a storm whose chaos is spinning out of control around him.

As for Neil's version of "Everybody's Talkin'". I prefer it to Nilsson's MIDNIGHT COWBOY version. Spare & slowed down the songs' true meaning comes out. It still carries a breeziness, but less busy & forced, allowing the dark undercurrent to hit home. Without out a doubt, one the most understated songs about heroin addiction ever written. Something Neil alledgedly knew 1st hand & which eventually lead to his abdicating New York in an effort to get clean.

Other highlights include "Sugaree" and the wry pessimism of "Bag I'm In". This collection also features the SESSIONS album which is more rambling & unfocused but still full of captivating moments like "Rosie" & "Merry-Go-Round" ( featuring a dark segue into Leadbelly's "In The Pines").

Disc 2 contains live material & rarities. "You Don't Miss Your Water" features a duet with none other than a young Gram Parsons & there's another gem in an unreleased cover of "December's Dream".

I have to confess, I've never been a fan of the whole 60's coffee house Folk thing. The Weavers, Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary. It's enough to make me cringe. Same goes for the whole Phil Ochs political/protest singer thing. Unlike his contemporaries, Neil seemed determined to remain far from the maddening crowd of protests & marches. Yet his music seems to reflect the price one pays for running away from it all. A quality which makes him timeless.

(Amazon reviews)

Check out the amazing baritone vocals and the 12 beats/minute SLOW blues on this track...Please Send Me Someone to Love

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