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Install IP FILTER in utorrent portable

September 24, 2017, 11:46 pm by nickarad •1806 posted in torrents Views: 3925 , tags: IP FILTER

I'll describe briefly to those who do not know what it is, this wonderful program "IP FILTER" which will help you no longer have problems such as:
-tracking your IP,when using utorrent of different agencies, institutions governmental, non-governmental
-tracking your IP,when using utorrent of various cybercriminals
(par example hackers, etc..)

The "ipfilter.dat" file helps protect your privacy and security when using µTorrent by blocking a list of potentially malicious peers.

I use the portable version of utorrent, and then, I will explain for yours, this version of utorrent, namely, how to install the IP FILTER software.

(A 1)
1-Download and install ORIGINAL VARIANT (do not download anywhere else because they have Trojans) of to page website ""
2-Start the IPFilter software and get the Lock List by clicking the UPDATE button in IP FILTER.
3-Download automatically in C: -\ USERS \- NICK \- AppData \-Roaming \-DavidMoore \-IpFilter \
4- Then it stops Utorrent, if it works, because you can not see the existing files there in the program when they work and can not change or install IP FILTER.

(A 2)
1-Copy the IP FILTER file from the program with the same name from C: \- USERS \- NICK \ -AppData \ -Roaming \ -DavidMoore \- IpFilter \ and put it in a folder in your laptop, PC, etc.... chosen of you.

2-Insert in copy of IP FILTER a horizontal row, a single IP, in IP FILTER, by all IP addresses that you want to block, IPv4 or IPv6, seen in the utorrent soft and that are suspicious for you. On short, their own IPs to block, those that represent a single domain. (For Multiple Domains, a complex description will tell you another date)

I will show you a concrete example: (IP1)
yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy (IP 2)
zzz.zzz.zzzz.zzz (IP 3)
etc ... etc ... etc ...

3-Then move the copied file IP FILTER in the portable utorrent program, following the next steps :
- "Disc Local E: or C:....etc...(where you have the Portable Utorrent variant installed) \-UtorrentPro \ -Data \ -Utorrent \" (where you paste to the copy of IP FILTER file] modeled of yours.

4-Start the portable utorrent program. Enter advanced settings from soft utorrent, and look for "IPFILTER.ENABLE" and check TRUE...[enter in utorrent-\Preferences- \ Advanced\ to "TRUE" from "FALSE"]

5-Then check in the utorrent by clicking "JURNAL button" from uorrent, if IP FILTER is installed (it must have over 20,000 files)


For modification , edit, add...etc... in IP FILTER, your used NOTEPAD.

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